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Look for Eight New Crossovers by 2020

With the desire Americans show for vehicles that can haul both people and cargo stronger than ever, Hyundai Motor America recently announced it will have eight new or substantially re-engineered crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) on the market by the year 2020. Starting with the compact Kona CUV coming to the Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale showroom this March, the lineup will eventually cover everything from entry level vehicles to 8-passenger premium vehicles. “Very soon we are going to have the most diverse CUV powertrain lineup in the industry,” according to Hyundai VP Mike O’Brien. “These vehicles will show the engineering prowess of the more than 13,000 engineers Hyundai Motor Company has working on current and future models every single day. Our customers are going to have a lot of great CUV choices in our dealerships.”

Kona Debuts at LA Auto Show

The parade of new CUVs begins in just a few days when Hyundai unveils the new Kona compact CUV at the Los Angeles Auto Show. “The Kona is only the beginning of our product revolution for Hyundai,” O’Brien said. “These vehicles are aimed squarely at the sales leaders in each segment and will emphasize Hyundai’s continued focus on sustainability and efficiency without compromising performance.” The Kona adds to an already-strong lineup that includes the Tucson, Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport. With a bold new design that provides a daring, muscular look, the Kona is a unique combination of sophistication and athleticism. LED lighting adds to a modern design that also increases safety as it illuminates your path while making your Kona more visible to others. A low, wide stance provides a stylish profile and improves handling.

Wide, Spacious Interior Best-in-Class

Even with a small footprint, the Hyundai Kona offers best-in-class interior space, allowing passengers to stretch out without fear of impinging on their neighbor. A sleek interior layout utilizes a large monitor to control the audio, visual and navigation features. It appears to “float” above the dashboard, delivering a real feeling of openness in the cabin. All controls are smartly laid out and surrounded by details that one might find on a much more expensive vehicle. An elevated seating position provides better visibility and combats the fatigue that comes with long trips. A unique under-carriage design reduces the need for a central tunnel for the driveshaft and exhaust system, providing even more room for feet and legs. Stay in touch with Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale so you can be among the first to give the new Hyundai Kona a test drive when it arrives next March.

Hyundai is putting its money where its mouth is by honoring military veterans, active duty personnel and retired service members with a larger discount on all new vehicles from the 2017 and 2018 model years. The offer is good through this Friday at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale, amounting to a $1,000 discount on those vehicles. “We are proud to have a long-standing commitment to our troops,” according to Hyundai director of retail operations, Steve Flood. “Doubling our military incentive is a way for Hyundai to recognize the hard work and sacrifices these men and women make to defend our country.” In addition to the sizable discount, Hyundai also supports the military via an employee resource program and a veteran transition employment program. If you’re in the military, head to your base career center for more information on the Hyundai Veteran Employment Transition Program that provides technical training as well as resume and interview coaching.

Black Friday Comes Early

If a new vehicle is on your Holiday wish list, come in early and shop the Black Friday sales event that offers thousands of dollars in discounts off Hyundai’s most popular brands. By adding in the $1,000 military discount, you can score huge savings on the 2018 Elantra, 2018 Sonata, 2017 Santa Fe Sport and 2017 Tucson. Special finance and lease payment rates for qualified shoppers means you can get a lot more car for your money at this special event.

How About a New Elantra Sedan?

How’s $179 a month sound to drive home in a new Elantra sedan? That’s just one of the offers for qualified lessees during the Hyundai Black Friday sales event. The Elantra delivers superior fuel efficiency in a sporty design that comes with plenty of available technology for the modern driver. Even the base model comes with standard air conditioning, power windows, power locks and a 6-way adjustable driver’s seat. Qualified buyers can also take home an Elantra for 0 percent financing for 72 months.

Sonata the Affordable Mid-size Sedan

For a bit more room than the Elantra, take a look at the Hyundai Sonata. The Black Friday sales event provides up to $2,000 in savings off the already affordable purchase price. Credit-worthy buyers can also finance the Sonata interest-free for up to 72 months. If you like to change vehicles every three years or so, consider the outstanding lease offer of $209 a month for qualified lessees.

Santa Fe Sport the Safe and Spacious SUV

If you pay attention you’ll see a lot of Hyundai Santa Fe Sports on the road. That’s because they are a safe, spacious and affordable option in today’s SUV-crazy world. Check with the pros at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale for available 2017 models and you’ll get up to $3,750 in total savings. You can also finance at 0 percent interest or drive one home with a lease payment of just $249 a month if your credit qualifies.

Tucson the Nimble, Athletic SUV

For maneuvering around tight city streets and fitting into that last metered parking space, there are few choices better than the Hyundai Tucson compact SUV. 2017 models are priced to move with up to $2,500 in total savings, or you can finance one for 60 months with approved credit at 0 percent APR. Qualified lessees will love a monthly payment under $200 for three years for this capable and sporty vehicle.

Hyundai revealed its plans to develop a more efficient engine with reduced emissions at a recent gathering of more than 1,200 industry scientists and engineers during the International Powertrain Conference in South Korea. Hyundai exhibited four new engines and two new transmissions from its “Smart Stream” lineup of powertrains that incorporates advanced technology to increase gas mileage and lower each vehicle’s carbon footprint. You’ll be seeing a more efficient lineup of Hyundai cars and SUVs as a result of these efforts in the coming years at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale.

Engine Components Getting Smaller

Hyundai’s new philosophy of Smart Stream technology includes reducing the size and weight of many engine components to increase fuel mileage and maximize thermal efficiency by as much as 50 percent. One example is the new continuously variable valve duration technology that times the opening and closing of the cylinder valves depending on how you’re driving. This not only results in improved fuel efficiency for those who are taking it easy on the throttle, but also delivers more performance for those times when you want to put your Hyundai through its paces. A new 8-speed dual clutch transmission pairs with the new engine choices to make the most out of each power range before shifting. Hyundai has a goal of producing 10 new Smart Stream gasoline engines, six new transmissions and six diesel engines by the year 2022.

Look for More Electrified Vehicles

Although Hyundai firmly believes that internal combustion engines will continue to be a strong player in the auto industry for the next decade or so, the company is also committed to providing consumers more of a choice when it comes to electrified vehicles. The company will continue to expand its choices of electric, fuel cell and plug-in hybrid options over the next decade, with an emphasis on increasing battery storage and expending the range of all-electric vehicles. Hyundai already leads the industry in the production of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and will continue to invest in that technology.

Hyundai Ioniq Only Triple Powertrain Threat

One example of Hyundai’s innovation is the new Ioniq that comes in an all-electric, regular hybrid and plug-in hybrid version. It is the only vehicle with three separate powertrains. The Ioniq electric is only available in California right now, but delivers 124 miles of range on a single battery charge. The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid, which is available for a test drive at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale, delivers 59 mpg on the highway and a whopping 57 mpg in the city. The plug-in hybrid will be coming to the showroom floor at Chapman Hyundai later this fall.

Hyundai Takes Ioniq Above and Beyond

Taking advantage of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas where industry leaders gather each year to see the latest in concept vehicles and aftermarket accessories, Hyundai has teamed up with Bisimoto Engineering to deliver the ultimate Ioniq dream car. The HyperEconiq Ioniq concept amplifies the ability of the Ioniq platform to deliver efficiency and performance, delivering fuel economy surpassing 80 mpg. “The Hyper Econiq Ioniq takes the Ioniq where we always knew it could go, without sacrificing drivability,” according to the president of Bisimoto Engineering, Bisi Ezerioha. “Leveraging the outstanding Ioniq electrified platform and powertrain, we’ve focused on a variety of technical elements to bring efficiency, aero and design to the next level.” Although only auto industry people can attend the SEMA Show, anyone can see the innovation and technology in the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid by taking a test drive at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale.

Long List of Upgrades in Show Car

The HyperEconiq Ioniq takes efficiency and reducing friction to a new level, thanks to a number of specialized components. Bisimoto created a special pulse-chamber exhaust system to enhance the volumetric efficiency. Highly sensitive OBD monitoring electronics keep the fuel/oxygen mixture at optimal levels, while special low-friction synthetic oil allows the pistons to slide freely. Low resistance tires, lightweight racing seats, a special aerodynamics kit that includes a front and side splitters and a suspension kit that minimizes ground clearance while optimizing alignment settings all adds to the efficiency of this special Ioniq.

2018 Ioniq Offers Three Platforms

When the plug-in hybrid model arrives at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale there will be three different powertrains available for the 2019 Ioniq lineup. The affordable Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid starts at just $22,200 and provides almost 700 miles of driving range while delivering a combined 58 mpg in both city and highway driving. Hurry in to Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale to take advantage of a limited offer that provides either $1,000 in savings or 0 percent APR for up to 60 months for qualified buyers. Qualified lessees can also get a payment as low as $219 a month for 36 months. Although the Ioniq Electric vehicle is currently only available to California buyers, it does deliver an impressive 124-mile range on a single charge. Even more impressive is the $29,500 starting price, which does not include any available federal tax credits. When the plug-in hybrid model comes available in the very near future, you can expect 27 miles of all-electric range and a total range of about 650 miles.

Now in its fifth iteration, the popular and affordable Hyundai Accent comes with an upscale exterior design, improved driving dynamics and a sophisticated interior that will remind you of a vehicle that costs thousands of dollars more. For 2018, the Hyundai Accent also features advanced connectivity that keeps you in touch with the outside world. The Hyundai infotainment system integrates with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to stream your favorite entertainment as well as make hands free phone calls and respond to text messages. The availability of the Hyundai BlueLink telemetry system allows you to control important vehicle functions remotely with your smartphone. See the new Elantra and take a test drive when you visit Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale.

New Rigid Chassis Provides Better Handling

When the 2018 Hyundai Accent arrives at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale later this fall, you’ll be able to feel the results of modern engineering in the way the vehicle handles on the road. Hyundai engineered this vehicle to be the category leader in driving dynamics by integrating 13 percent more high-strength steel into the body and chassis from the previous generation Accent. The result is a rigid chassis that not only provides better handling but also reduces annoying road noise. Another advantage of all that high-strength steel is the ability of the new Accent to absorb the results of a collision with a reduction of injury to the driver and passengers. Key advances in the suspension help reduce body roll in corners and improve the ride comfort.

Sporty Design Provides Aerodynamic Excellence

While the muscular sculpted sides provide an aggressive profile that mirrors the look of much more expensive luxury sedans, the sweeping roofline, cascading grille and integrated lights provide an aerodynamic design that slips through the air with just a 0.28 coefficient of drag. The aerodynamic efficiency is boosted by a spoiler on the front and lower ride height that slices through the wind like a hot knife through butter. All of that is achieved while making the new Accent both longer and wider than last year’s model, delivering more interior room.

Updates Galore on New Accent

The new Hyundai Accent comes with an improved 4-cylinder, 1.6L engine that provides 130 horsepower and an estimated 119 pound-feet of torque. Hyundai offers a standard 6-speed manual transmission, or you can choose a 6-speed automatic. A standard 5-inch color touchscreen is an improvement on last years model and there’s an optional 7-inch display. Premium features include an available hands-free trunk release, USB charging and available heated front seats. Push button start and automatic temperature control are also available on the new Hyundai Accent, which you can test drive soon at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale.