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Keeping Your Car’s Paint Shiny and New

Keeping Car Paint Shiny

From the second your car leaves the Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale lot, dirt, insects, bird droppings and the sun’s ultraviolet rays collaborate to gradually take the shine off the spectacular paint job that first drew your eye. More importantly, they invite an even greater enemy than a dulled sparkle: rust. Taking the time to learn to properly care for your car, along with which products to use, will add years to the life and luster of your car’s paint.

UV Protection

Although it is likely that you’re car has already been treated for protection from the sun, ultraviolet light can still oxidize a car’s finish. The paint on recent models is probably going to last you many years. It is important to be weary of parking outside for long periods of time if you want your paint job to last.


Keeping your car clean is simple, wash or at least rinse off dirt of any kind on your car ASAP. The longer it’s on, the more likely that it will penetrate the paint. Cool your car in the shade on a shallow incline; the angle will help channel water drops to points where they fall off the car and onto the ground.

When undertaking a thorough wash, rinse first. The mildest of car soaps and freshest of sponges will not help if there’s sand between the sponge and the paint. Rather than dish detergent, use car soap, some of which is made to remove residue like wax.

Wash and rinse one section at a time so you don’t have water drying on the body. Use long, light strokes that run along the length of your car. Scratches created with circular wiping leave marks that are more noticeable than straight ones. Rinse your chamois or sponge before dipping it back into the bucket to prevent grit from being reapplied to the car. Dry by blotting rather than wiping.


Wax is the thin, invisible layer of material that not only deepens the beauty of good paint, but also keeps the bad stuff from ever touching your car, including a significant portion of UV rays.

When shopping for a wax, you may want to consider buying the best because you will get what you pay for. Look for carnauba wax. The goal is to find a wax that is at least 20 percent carnauba, preferably without any petroleum products mixed in. You’ll get better results with natural oils. To apply, wipe it on and immediately wipe it off.

For more information on how to keep your car’s paint job shining, visit Chapman Hyundai in Scottsdale.

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