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Hyundai Takes Wraps Off Autonomous IONIQ


Car of Future at LA Auto Show

Hyundai North America took the occasion of the recent Los Angeles Auto Show to unveil a self-driving IONIQ concept vehicle. You may have seen other self-driving cars in your neighborhood that look like a scientist got ahold of an advanced erector set, but the IONIQ concept is indistinguishable from many other cars on the road. The secret is a LIDAR sensor system hidden in the front bumper along with a Smart Cruise Control RADAR setup. This simple yet effective design will result in a large cost savings to the customer. It will be a few years yet before you can buy a self-driving car at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale, but stay tuned as new technology continues to make the dream possible.

LiDAR Constantly Evaluates Surroundings

LiDAR is a sensing system similar to RADAR, but it uses pulsed laser light to constantly measure the surroundings. By using LiDAR combined with GPS, Hyundai engineers are able to safely keep the Hyundai IONIQ concept in its lane while avoiding contact with other cars, people, or any obstacle. Three cameras are mounted up high behind the windshield to provide information on lane markings, traffic signals and any unexpected pedestrians or debris. It all works in conjunction with Blind Spot Detection radar to ensure that a simple act like changing a lane is executed safely. Hyundai is busy preparing two more IONIQ concept vehicles for display at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this January.

IONIQ Coming Soon to Showroom

The IONIQ concept is being displayed even as Hyundai is busy putting the final production touches on the new IONIQ Electric Vehicle (EV) and hybrid, due to arrive on the Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale showroom floor this winter. Once the IONIQ plug-in hybrid becomes available next summer, this sporty sedan will be the only vehicle in North America with three powertrain options. Along with great efficiency and performance, the Hyundai IONIQ will be loaded with features such as a power sunroof, heated seats and a killer touchscreen audio system that works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to use a limited number of your smartphone apps. Available Smart Cruise Control, wireless phone charging and a host of driver assistance safety systems are other features that make the IONIQ special. Using the Hyundai Blue Link app, you can use your smartphone to remotely check the vehicle’s charge level as well as set up a charging schedule that makes the best use of off-hour rates.

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