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Hyundai App Destined to Replace Owner’s Manual


‘Virtual Guide’ Currently a Supplement

Although a paperless society seems to be the way the world is heading, the user guide manual app developed by Hyundai currently serves as just a supplement to the paper book. Unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Virtual Guide is free to download on your Apple or Android mobile device. Available for the moment only on the Sonata, the app details how to perform certain maintenance features on your car, as well as what all those lights on the instrument cluster actually mean. Talk to the pros at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale for more information on how to use the app and the expected roll out date for other models.

Three Clicks Eliminate Frustration

With the Virtual Guide, you are only three clicks from finding information about your Hyundai. Once you map the section of your car that you’re trying to find info for, it stays there even if you go to other apps and then come back. Although this is different from the digital owner’s manual that Hyundai provides for their luxury flagship Equus, it foreshadows a day when the paper manual will go the way of the buggy whip and the Dodo bird. The Virtual Guide is just one of the exciting changes soon available in the Phoenix Hyundai market.

Hyundai Technology Develops Heads Up Display

Although other automakers have heads up displays that project vehicle information into the driver’s line of sight, the new augmented version Hyundai has developed takes the technology to a new level. Navigation, cruise control and blind spot information are all projected onto the windshield within the driver’s view, allowing the operator to keep eyes on the road at all times. Animation gives a detailed description of what’s coming up down the road, including off ramps and street signs.

Wrist Band Serves Dual Purpose

Yet another Hyundai development is a wrist band that not only vibrates when the driver drifts out of a lane, but also calls 911 any time the driver’s heart rate increases past a certain point. The interaction between wearable and mobile devices and the new Hyundai lineup is another step toward autonomous driving. Hyundai even offers a driver alertness monitor that recommends rest as a driver’s reaction times slow. As automakers seek to solve the problems of personal mobility in the next decades, expect Hyundai to be at the forefront offering technological solutions to the nation’s transportation problems. Check out all the latest Hyundai technology with a visit to Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale.

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