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Google vs Apple Maps: Why Hyundai Chose Google


Getting lost can be one of the most frustrating issues encountered when driving; it can quickly start a snowball effect of problems. On road trips, it’s possible to be driving in the wrong direction for an hour or more before realizing you’re lost. Getting lost on the road is a problem that’s getting easier to solve for Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale drivers due to free and convenient services like Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Phoenix Hyundai has integrated Google Maps (via BlueLink) into their navigation systems instead of Apple Maps for a number of reasons. Google Maps has been collecting data longer than Apple;  Google has more people updating GPS routes and collecting street-views of maps; and Google is more reliable when it comes to keeping its data current.

Google Maps best asset is its manpower. They have more people on the ground gathering data from governments, private data sellers, satellites and dashboard-mounted cameras. Dash-mounted cameras offer a great feature in street-views. Street-views are pictures of what streets and their surroundings look like from the perspective of a driver on that street. Once the data is collected, Google has thousands of people they call “operators” that polish the data, create final images and sync the images with the most recent GPS routes.

Google’s manpower allows them to keep its maps current. Google has a force of cars equipped with GPS mapping units and dash-mounted cameras to provide up to data street-views and driving directions. These cars constantly explore the streets of America and send data back to Google’s “operators” who edit the final maps.

For these reasons Hyundai has adopted Google Maps and integrated it into the navigation systems of their vehicles. Road trips in Arizona can be treacherous as there is desert no matter which way you go. Getting lost in the desert is a fate no one wants and therefore the simple-to-use Google Map integrated navigation system can save drivers from the headaches of missing a turn. For more information, visit your local Scottsdale Hyundai dealer.


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