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Gas Saving Tips to Combat High Summer Prices


People tend to drive more in the summer. This means an increase in demand for gas and an increase in gas prices. Fortunately, there are tips and products that can help increase fuel efficiency year round and will put dollars back in your pocket.

The best part is most tips and products that help save gas and money are relatively cheap and easy. Doing things like getting a new air filter, downloading cheap gas locating phone apps, putting air in your tires and replacing your broken gas cap could save you hundreds in the long run.

One product that’s inexpensive yet increases fuel efficiency is spark plugs. They usually cost less than twenty dollars and replacing them often is a sure way to make your vehicle run more efficiently. Another product less than $20 that’s a big time money saver is a working gas cap. One report estimates 17% of cars on the road have cracked or broken gas caps, causing roughly 147 million gallons of gas to vaporize every year from gas tanks.

Air filters are one more relatively inexpensive product that increases fuel efficiency in the summer. There is more dirt in the air during summer (especially in the desert), which causes the engine air filter to work overtime. Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale wants to remind desert drivers that replacing their air filter will improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. Last but not least, air is the secret to better fuel mileage. Driving on partially deflated tires is like driving with the parking brake on and drains fuel. Make sure your tires are properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, checking them once a week during the hottest summer months.

One perk of living in the age of technology is that anyone with a smart phone can download gas saving apps onto their device that locate gas stations near you with the cheapest gas. These apps are available on all carriers and include “Cheap Gas!” and “Gas Buddy,” two of the more popular apps to find cheap fuel. For more information about how to save gas this summer visit your local Scottsdale Hyundai dealer.


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