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Hyundai recently unveiled three new models at the Frankfurt Motor Show, taking the wraps off a variety of projects geared towards making the company the premier Asian auto brand. The high-performance i30 N, i30 Fastback and small SUV Kona are poised to help the company solve the personal transportation problem of the upcoming decade. “With the new Hyundai i30 N, i30 Fastback and all-new KONA we are proud to present a wide-ranging showcase of new models and innovative technology based on our customers’ needs,” said Hyundai COO Thomas A. Schmid. “By expanding our strong product lineup, combined with our digital and intelligent services, we will emotionalize the brand and attract new customer groups.” See the innovative technology offered in the current Hyundai lineup with you visit Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale.

KONA Offers Modern Design

Built for commuters clamoring for compact SUVs that can maneuver in crowded urban environment, the Hyundai KONA delivers progressive and bold styling with upscale features, plenty of connectivity and the latest safety features. The KONA offers twin LED headlamps, 10 modern exterior colors and a two-tone roof. Optional all-wheel drive makes it a great vehicle for a weekend adventure while fighting the battles of finding the last parking space during the week.

i30 N Inspired by Motorsport

The Motorsport division is the inspiration behind the i30 N, a high-performance vehicle that was developed to deliver driving thrills on the road as well as the track. With two powerful engine choices, the i30 N delivers both quick acceleration and precise handling. Driving modes can be changed by the driver depending on conditions and the desired effect.

i30 Fastback a Compact with Sporty Lines

The Hyundai i30 Fastback is a compact vehicle with five doors, sporty lines and a muscular stance. Choose the latest Hyundai SmartSense safety features to help avoid collisions and reduce injuries in the event of a crash. The i30 Fastback is loaded with technology and offers two turbocharged engines for premium performance and efficiency. There is no word if the i30 N or i30 Fastback will be offered for sale in North America.

Smart Stream a New Generation of Power

Hyundai also unveiled the “Smart Stream” powertrain at the Frankfurt Motor Show. A new 1.6L T-GDi engine pairs with an 8-speed dual clutch transmission to deliver plenty of performance while keeping stops at the gas station to a minimum. New Continuously Variable Valve Duration not only improves efficiency, but also reduces emissions. Hyundai plans on building on the Smart Stream technology in the future to deliver more efficient vehicles without sacrificing performance. If you haven’t driven a Hyundai lately, take some time to inspect the entire vehicle lineup by visiting Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale.

The beginning of September marks a special time for car dealers in America, as that’s when new models typically arrive on the showroom floor. For the Hyundai Motor Company and Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale, it’s also when the annual “Hyundai Hope on Wheels” kicks off, raising funds to fight childhood cancer. “While great strides have been made in the fight against pediatric cancer over the last 19 years, pediatric cancer sadly remains the leading disease-related cause of death for children in the U.S.,” said Jerry Flannery, Hyundai President and CEO. “It is a terrible disease that impacts far too many kids each year and robs them of their youth. As part of our mission at Hyundai to be a better company, we remain committed to bringing hope to families faced with this disease and to helping close the gap in funding for critical cancer research.”

Awarding Research Grants to Children’s Hospitals

Hyundai will spend September traveling across the country to award 40 grants for research to children’s hospital, contributing $8.5 million in the fight against childhood cancer. Since starting the program 20 years ago, Hyundai has donated about $130 million to the pediatric cancer battle. When the Hope on Wheels team visits each hospital, part of the ceremony is to host a Handprint Ceremony. Children fighting cancer in each hospital will put their hands in paint and adorn a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe with their handprints. The white vehicle with colored handprints is a beacon of hope that travels across the country.

View Special Stories on Web

Visit to view stories of courageous children fighting cancer. You can also see a map that details all the hospitals that received grants and read progress reports from doctors. While on the website, take some time to participate in a digital handprint virtual program that lets you put your stamp on the battle against cancer. For each virtual handprint received, Hyundai will donate $1 to a Children’s Hospital through the Hope on Wheels Program. “September is a special time for all of us at Hyundai because it’s National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a time when we honor the courageous children battling cancer while also funding the doctors and researchers that are working tirelessly to provide care and develop new treatments,” according to Hope on Wheels Board Chairman Scott Fink. Hope on Wheels gives four different types of grants that all fund research efforts by leading oncologists. For more information on Hyundai and the fight against pediatric cancer, take some time to stop by Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale.