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Models Top List in Competitive Categories

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable four-door sedan or a sporty, adventurous SUV, it’s time to head to Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale. Both the 2017 Hyundai Sonata and 2017 Santa Fe Sport were named by to its list of “BestRides.” Citing comfortable seats and maximum value, BestRide says people should not overlook the Hyundai lineup when shopping for a new vehicle. “Plenty of cargo room, a comfortable interior and an intuitive infotainment system put the Hyundai Sonata at the top of the list for midsize sedans,” according to BestRide’s Nicole Wakelin. “It’s a great value, even with the base model including a touchscreen for the infotainment system.”

The Sonata is an affordable alternative to other vehicles in the midsize sedan category, offering the choice of three different powertrains and features like a hands-free trunk, electronic emergency brake, 8-inch navigation color display and the ability to pair with your smartphone using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

Santa Fe Sport a ‘Screaming Bargain’

Packed with features that generally come in SUVs that cost thousands of dollars more, the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is a great choice for families or those who like to head off on weekend adventures. “The 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Ultimate with AWD is a screaming bargain at $41,000. It is also the perfect size,” said BestRide reviewer John Goreham. “With plenty of knee room for the driver and a large second row, the Santa Fe Sport is nearly as large as the three-row crossovers on the market, but without the back row.” He added that the 2.0L turbo charged engine is a “gem” that makes the Sport “fun to drive.”

Power Choices Plentiful for Santa Fe

When you head to Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale to test drive the Santa Fe Sport, take notice of the choice of engines. The Sport comes standard with a 2.4L four-cylinder engine that provides a peppy 185 horsepower. If you like, you can add an additional 55 horses by stepping up to the turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder. The 2017 Santa Fe three-row seating configuration offers a Lambda V6 that pumps out 290 horsepower. “The 2017 Hyundai Sonata and 2017 Santa Fe Sport are affordable, fun to drive and equipped with advanced safety technologies and infotainment systems,” according to Hyundai group manager Brandon Ramirez. “Having two Hyundai vehicles named as favorites by BestRide.Com shows that we are committed to providing better for our customers across our diverse lineup.”

CES Great Place to Showcase New Technology

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is a great place to showcase new technology. In the past, the show has been dominated by the latest in home and personal electronics, such as TVs, computers and tablets. This year the CES was loaded with new technology from automakers with Hyundai leading the way toward the future of personal mobility. The ability to link a person’s mode of transportation to fit their lifestyle was the theme of the Hyundai exhibit as the automaker explores the future of self-driving vehicles and connectivity solutions that tie a driver’s home, car and life all together. One of the results of technological innovation is the new Hyundai Ioniq, which you’ll be able to test drive in the very near future at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale.

Live Demonstrations Show Self-driving is Near

During the recent CES, Hyundai had cars on the street to show that autonomous driving is not only a possibility, but a certainty. CES attendees were able to ride in the cars in a surreal experience as they expertly wound their way through traffic and pedestrians in this urban landscape. Utilizing laser-based LiDAR technology, Hyundai has hidden sensors in the Ioniq front end, making it virtually indistinguishable from other vehicles on the road. That’s quite a departure from other car makers who have a large bubble on the roof for their sensors. The LiDAR technology is more sophisticated than radar, allowing the Ioniq to navigate safely through a variety of obstacles.

Hyper-connectivity Key to Safe Navigation

Hyundai also had an exhibit that demonstrated how the cars of the near future will communicate with other cars, traffic signals, the cloud and even your home. By communicating with road infrastructure, traffic alerts and other vehicles, scientists hope to help eliminate urban gridlock. By communicating with your house, your car can adjust the temperature, open the garage door and even turn on that slow cooker so dinner is ready when you walk in the door.

Ioniq Scooter Finishes the Trip

With the proliferation of light rail and other commuter services, all you need is a small motorized device to transport you from a drop-off point to your final destination. Stay tuned to Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale for more information on the Ioniq scooter, a lightweight ride that can be stored and charged in the Ioniq Electric Vehicle. It’s Hyundai’s answer to “first and last mile” mobility problems of the coming years.

Innovative Design Goes Beyond Industry Standards

When the wraps come off the new Hyundai Ioniq electric and hybrid vehicles at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale this winter, consumers will first notice an elegant design that goes far beyond the normal standards of the industry. The sleek, aerodynamic styling with an aggressive front end and sculpted sides was honored by the Good Design program, the oldest design awards program in the world. “The Chicago Antenaeum’s Good Design program forwards the ideals of a design process that embodies product excellenc and endurance and strong public identity,” according to museum president Christian Narkiewicz-Lane. “With wins year after year, Hyundai has shown its firm commitment to innovation and superior design embodiment through its diverse vehicle lineup.”

Plug-in Hybrid Coming Next Summer

The Ioniq is the first vehicle to offer three different energy propulsion sources. The electric only and hybrid versions will be showing up at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale soon, with the plug-in hybrid coming next summer. Hyundai says the Ioniq is “an important milestone in Hyundai’s global sustainability strategy as it meets the needs of a large and growing group of drivers who require a highly efficient, low-emissions vehicle for daily use.” The Ioniq’s design is not only eye-catching, it was created to manipulate airflow utilizing both active and passive elements. The active front grille moves to capture the most air and move the car swiftly through the wind. Wheel air curtains, a smooth cover of the undercarriage and rear spoiler all contribute to the efficiency of the vehicle.

Reusable Materials Abound in Construction

The Hyundai Ioniq liberally utilizes sustainable materials in its construction, including sugar cane and volcanic stone. Sugar cane makes up about a quarter of all the material in the door panels, while the stone combines with recycled plastic and powdered wood to account for about 25 percent of the interior plastic.

Efficiency and Design Important, but Safety First

The Ioniq will have all the driver assistance safety features that Hyundai has to offer available for drivers. Along with emergency braking with pedestrian detection, you can also get lane departure warning, blind spot detection and smart cruise control. Technology not only offers a state-of-the-art infotainment and communication system, but designers have included ample spots to store and charge all your electronic devices. Stay in touch with Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale to get the first look and a test drive of the innovative Hyundai Ioniq.