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More Powerful Warranty Helps Secure Top Spot

The well-respected automotive consumer resource Edmunds has called the certified pre-owned Hyundai program the best of its kind in the nation. One of the main reasons is the powerful warranty that comes with each Hyundai CPO vehicle, which goes up to 10 years and 10,000 miles. “A typical non-luxury CPO car has only seven years of powertrain coverage from the original date of purchase. Hyundai betters that by three years,” according to “The bumper-to-bumper coverage is also better by a year on average, and the roadside assistance term is exceptional.” Stop by Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale to inspect their large inventory of Hyundai CPO vehicles.

Not All Vehicles Qualify for CPO Program

Hyundai is picky about which vehicles it accepts into its CPO program. A Hyundai has to be less than 5 years old and have less than 60,000 miles. The CPO designation keeps the remainder of the factory warranty, which is 5 years/60,000 miles bumper to bumper. Owners also receive 10 years of roadside assistance coverage with unlimited mileage. There is only a $50 deductible for all covered warranty repair or replacement. Rental car coverage and travel reimbursement is also included. “The Award-winning Hyundai certified pre-owned program offers peace of mind to owners – whether they are in the market for their first car or replacing an older model,” said Hyundai vice-president Derrick Hatami. “We strive to provide our owners with less to worry about now and down the road by offering a wide selection of Hyundai CPO vehicles that are confidence-inspiring, high quality choices.”

Hyundai Warranty Also Best on New Cars

If you’re in the market for an affordable, dependable new vehicle, take some time to inspect the inventory at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale. With the industry’s best warranty, buying a new Hyundai provides peace of mind for up to 5 years and 60,000 miles, a bumper to bumper guarantee that’s 2 years and 24,000 miles longer than industry standards. Hyundai’s Car Care program makes regular vehicle maintenance pain-free. Free multi-point inspections help you head off problems before they become too serious. High quality parts and well-trained technicians get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Roadside Assistance Ready and Waiting at All Hours

Buy a new or certified pre-owned Hyundai and you have the knowledge that a roadside assistance team is ready and waiting at all hours of the day and night should you run into trouble. Whether you have a breakdown or an accident, roadside assistance will tow you either to the nearest Hyundai service center or authorized repair shop. In the case of a breakdown caused by a warranty-covered item interrupts a trip, Hyundai will also pay reasonable trip-related expenses like lodging, meals and transportation.


Emphasis on Quality Eliminates Worry

When you buy a new Hyundai you can rest assured that the company’s attention to detail and extensive testing results in a vehicle that you can rely on. Hyundai uses its California Proving Grounds to submit every part on every vehicle to extreme conditions, whether its leaving them out in the sun for years or attacking hairpin turns and rough terrains with the vengeance of an angry rental car driver. A great deal of attention is given to the fit and finish of every car, which is why Hyundai can offer the best warranty in America, covering every vehicle for 10 years or 10,000 miles. Check out the Hyundai inventory at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale and you’ll see what it’s like to own a worry-free vehicle.

Technical Innovation Creates Safe, Smooth Running Vehicles

Whether your passion is a smooth running car that gets excellent fuel mileage, the ability to use your phone without taking your eyes of the road or a slew of driver assistance features that make the roads safer, Hyundai’s innovative engineers are always striving to cross the next technological hurdle. Hyundai’s gasoline direct injection engines have made the Ward’s 10 Best Engines List four times in the last six years. Hyundai also created the first car with Android Auto, allowing smartphone users access to hands-free communication and a limited number of apps. Automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning and blind spot detection are just a few of the safety assistance features available on Hyundai inventory.

Designers Provide Beauty and Functionality

Fluid is the best way to describe the classic lines of Hyundai vehicles. Stop in at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale and take a look at the rows of vehicles to see how they give the illusion of movement even when standing still. Of course, beauty without function doesn’t make much of a car. Hyundai designers are tasked to provide a roomy cockpit with ergonomic controls to ensure the driver and passengers enjoy a comfortable ride whether they’re on a daily commute or long road trip. Even the compact Elantra has room comparable to a midsize car in other brands, offering value not commonly found in such an affordable vehicle.

Protecting the Environment a Key Goal

When you drive a Hyundai you can be confident that you’re in a vehicle that has minimal impact on the environment. Hyundai’s Blue Drive program has created an eco-driving system that not only uses less fuel but helps drivers to their appointed destination by the shortest route possible.

Buy a Hyundai, Support American Workers

When you buy a new car from Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale, you’re supporting almost 100,000 jobs in America. From it’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Alabama to testing grounds in California and an engineering facility in Michigan, Hyundai cars and SUVs are made in America by Americans. The company provides more than $3.8 billion to the Alabama economy alone every year.