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2015 Hyundai Genesis first-look at Chapman Hyundai in Scottsdale

2015 Genesis at CAE_H

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Settling in to the 12-way adjustable leather seat, surrounded by elegant matte real-wood trim and a refined dash that features an analog clock, you’d swear you were sitting in a luxury German vehicle. But instead of the usual circular blue and white logo in the middle of the steering wheel there’s a pair of brushed silver outstretched wings with the word Genesis emblazoned on them. As in Hyundai Genesis.

The new 2015 Hyundai Genesis has been redesigned to give the BMW and Mercedes-Benz mid-sized sedan segment some stiff competition. And with refinements and whiz-bang technology included for a price that is nearly 10K less than the other guys similarly-equipped, the Genesis will quickly become a go-to ride for those looking for luxury.

“It is a dream to drive. It’s responsive, dynamic and feels like a German-made vehicle out on the road,” enthused Otto Kyriakidis, Senior Manager of Premium Product Operations for Hyundai. He recently drove the Genesis to Chapman Hyundai in Scottsdale for a special preview day. And while Kyriakidis is paid to be enthusiastic, in this case its justified. From an industry-first CO2 monitor that detects when carbon dioxide levels are high enough to induce drowsiness and lets fresh air in to the cabin, to a trunk that automatically senses when your hands are full and opens, the 2015 Genesis is luxe-affordibility at its best.

“Here, listen to this,” Kyriakidis says, pulling out a quarter and tapping on the rear side window. “Hear that? The glass is specially-designed to reduce wind and road noise. It dampens the sound,” he explained to a nearby customer. “A lot of thought has gone into the design of this vehicle.”

Premium touches like a high-def 9.2-inch nav screen, a full-color heads-up display, power rear sunshade and LED tail and fog lights are standard on the Genesis equipped with a 5.0L V8 engine. The Parisian-gray model Kyriakidis drove from LA to Chapman Hyundai in Scottsdale featured a 3.8L V6 and made an impressive 24mpg in real-world highway driving conditions. This from a naturally-aspirated, traditional engine; estimates on city mpg haven’t been released, but expect them to trail the other segment models who use forced-induction engines to boost mpg.

The vehicle is produced exclusively in the same Hyundai factory in Uslan, South Korea as the Equus. Look for the 2015 Genesis to hit Chapman Hyundai in Scottsdale by the end of May.

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