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Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept

Crossover Truck Provides Sporty Hauling Option

For young professionals who love the appeal of a sports car and the functionality of a pickup truck, the new concept Hyundai Santa Cruz provides a perfect mix of glitz and cargo space. Unveiled at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, the sexy vehicle has a small bed that’s perfect for hauling a chair or big screen TV to your new urban loft. Its small size allows maneuverability in a congested environment and easy access to tight parking spots.

Efficient Powertrain Provides Plenty of Pop

The 2.0-liter diesel engine generates 190 horsepower with expected gas efficiency near 40 miles per gallon. Three hundred foot pounds of torque means the vehicle has the punch to get off the line for those necessary in-traffic maneuvers. All wheel drive provides the ability to plow through snow and keep sure footing in all types of bad weather.

Tailgate Extender Provides a Little More Room

For those instances where the box you want to haul is just a little bigger than the space allotted, Hyundai engineers have designed a tailgate extender that brings the size of the Santa Cruz bed in line with that of a mid-size pickup. Once the trip is over, you simply push the extension back in to renew the sporty styling of the vehicle. Whether you need to haul a dresser or plan on making a bike run up in the mountains, the Santa Cruz has the ability to adapt to the situation. Stay tuned for new Santa Cruz’s arrival at the Chapman Hyundai showroom.

Design Geared for Urban Adventurers

Unlike a regular pickup, the design of the Santa Cruz makes a statement that the driver is a thrill-seeking adventurer with a passion both for expression and function. The wide stance of the vehicle provides an aggressive look from all angles. Honeycomb headlamps and fog lights illuminate all obstacles in the driver’s path while the side profile of sweeping lines, oversized wheels and yellow brake calipers stop pedestrians dead in their tracks.

Santa Cruz on Fast Track to Showroom

Although Hyundai isn’t releasing any dates yet, it says the new Santa Cruz is expected to show up in dealerships in the near future. Mike O’Brien, VP of product planning for Hyundai, told “Car and Driver” that the company is ready to begin production soon. “We’ve been very serious in terms of concept,” he said. There’s been an engineering team working on this as well as a design team. It’s not just been a design exercise at all.” Once the vehicle is released for sale expect a wide inventory at Chapman Hyundai in Scottsdale.


The Parts of a Turbocharger

There are pros and cons to buying a turbocharged car from Chapman Hyundai. This article will go into the differences of a turbo charged engine vs. a naturally aspirated one. It will also clear up misconceptions and answer some questions for people who might be thinking about whether or not to put a turbo on their naturally aspirated car. First off, if your wondering what either of these things are, a naturally aspirated engine is an internal combustion engine (gas powered) that relies on natural atmospheric pressure to suck air into the engine. A turbocharged engine is a gas-powered engine that uses a turbine-driven turbocharger (as opposed to mechanically driven supercharger) to force extra air into the engine, which dramatically increases performance.

Here are some of the pros of a turbocharged engine. First and foremost is a boost in engine horsepower and performance. If two cars race and they are the same car with the same skill level of driver and one has a turbo and the other doesn’t, the turbo is going to win every time. The turbo will increase performance noticeably and dramatically, especially at higher elevations with thinner air. Also, the turbo will increase your cars gas efficiency because the extra air will increase power so you don’t need extra gas. Another pro is that turbochargers are pretty durable, once installed they don’t need regular maintenance. Also, I would recommend upgrading your exhaust to a sport exhaust because all the extra air coming in will need to get out efficiently. Upgrading your exhaust isn’t necessary, but it will improve performance for any gas-powered car.

There are cons to a turbo just like anything else. First off is that a quality turbo isn’t cheap. You get what you pay for and the added horsepower isn’t free. Other disadvantages to putting a turbo on your car is that some cars can’t handle the added horsepower and you might have to get your engine’s computer or ECU upgraded or re-tuned. Upgrading the ECU or power train control module is relatively inexpensive and will noticeably increase performance just by tuning it. That along with the turbo will really get your car moving faster. You may also need to upgrade your air intake to compensate and allow for the extra air being forced into the engine. Luckily upgrading the ECU and air intake are some of the least expensive things you can do to improve your vehicle. So before you buy a turbo, make sure your intake and ECU can handle the added power. If you’re buying a car from a Scottsdale Hyundai dealer already fitted with a turbo, you can be assured it is pre-tuned and equipped to take the turbo. You only need to see if your car can take the turbo if you are putting an aftermarket turbo on a car you originally bought with naturally aspirated engine.