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At a time when everyone is more mindful than ever about the drain of modern life on limited natural resources, automakers are working fast and furiously to develop greener technology for transportation. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are just one option, though their current cost and limited availability don’t make them a viable option for most car shoppers. However, Hyundai is moving closer to developing a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle for under $50,000.

What is hydrogen fuel cell technology?
Hydrogen fuel cells allow a car to run without gasoline and without creating harmful pollution. Hydrogen gas is stored in the car and turns to electricity when combined with oxygen. This powers the electric motor and moves the car forward.

Hyundai enters the market
Hyundai is among the first auto makers planning to release a hydrogen fuel vehicle. In fact, hopes are that buyers will be able to choose a hydrogen cell vehicle from new Hyundai inventory as early as next spring! While Hyundai won’t be the first brand to offer hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, it is the first to mass produce them.

The hydrogen fuel cell the new Hyundai uses was actually developed by researchers at Hyundai, so it is unique to those vehicles and made specially to meet Hyundai’s high expectations for performance. Additionally, the price of hydrogen fuel cell production has been a factor in bringing hydrogen fuel vehicles to market because the cells must be made with expensive platinum, driving the prices up for consumers. But, Kwon Moon-sik, Hyundai’s President of Research and Development, says Hyundai is finding ways to keep production costs down, which in turn keeps sticker price down.

Hyundai plans to beat Toyota to market with hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles – they are not looking to offer them until 2020. The cost of a Toyota hydrogen fuel cell vehicle is estimated to begin around $50,000, though Hyundai’s offering will be priced lower than that.

When hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are available at Chapman Hyundai Scottsdale, will you be interested?