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Chapman Scottsdale Hyundai offers the advanced technology three door-coupe that features Hyundai Blue Link® and 40 MPG

The 2012 Veloster delivers innovation to the compact coupe segment and it is now available in Phoenix Hyundai showrooms. Some highlights include a unique third door for easy rear-seat access, Hyundai’s Blue Link telematics system, Pandora internet radio with seven-inch touch-screen display, and a new 1.6-liter direct-injected four-cylinder engine mated to Hyundai’s first EcoShift™ dual-clutch transmission.

“Customers at our Scottsdale Hyundai dealership are most impressed with the Hyundai Veloster’s style, substance, and connectivity,” said Rolland Schreiber, General Manager Chapman Scottsdale Hyundai.

The Third Door
Veloster combines the style of a coupe and the functionality of a hatchback, while also incorporating an additional passenger-side door. In the past, some coupes have used smaller rear-hinged access doors. These coupes have always been compromised by having to open the driver-side door before the rear door could be opened, proving to be inconvenient for both the driver and passenger, and extremely difficult to operate in tight parking lot situations. Hyundai’s fresh take here implements a conventionally hinged door on the passenger side of the Veloster, providing safe and ready access to the surprisingly spacious rear seats.

Hyundai Blue Link

Blue Link combines safety, service and infotainment into a complete package that works to both help simplify Hyundai owners’ lives and reduce distracted driving. Blue Link brings seamless connectivity directly into the car with technology like voice text messaging, web search download, turn-by-turn navigation, and monthly vehicle reporting.

 Pandora® Internet Radio

Pandora, the leading internet radio service, is integrated into Veloster. The display screen has a Pandora icon to stream internet radio from an iPhone. Pandora can also be viewed on the display screen and songs can be given the familiar Pandora thumbs up or thumbs down. Now Phoenix Hyundai Veloster drivers can take Pandora wherever the road takes them.

New Six-Speed EcoShift™ Dual-Clutch Transmission

Hyundai’s new EcoShift dual-clutch transmission (DCT) takes the benefits of a manual transmission, including low fuel consumption, and blends them with automatic transmission benefits, such as high comfort levels and smooth shift quality. In addition, the EcoShift DCT enables direct connection for high efficiency and uninterrupted torque transfer during shifts.

Veloster’s EcoShift DCT can be thought of as two traditional manual transmissions, each with its own clutch operating in parallel and alternating shifts. Veloster is a six-speed with one clutch acting on gears one, three and five and the other used for two, four, six and reverse. This shifting process results in quick smooth transitions with none of the efficiency loss normally associated with torque convertors.

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