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The specs on the 5.0-litre R-Spec engine are impressive, and it signifies that Genesis might become a threat to Japanese and European competitors in the sports luxury segment.

LED Lighting is only a fraction of the changes.

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Hyundai Motors allowed for the Big Three to bask in glory in Detroit but fired on all cylinders in Chicago taking no prisoners. We are pleased to announce a new Azera and Elantra Coupe for 2012. Hybrid was hush hush at press time as it is due at the dealers anyday. However firing right acorss the Mopar bow was the new Genesis V8 5.0 429hp Tau R Spec which silenced the Thunder of the new 2012 Charger SRT8 when the keys were turned and engines were revved. Rumors have now began to run rampart of a Hyundai NASCAR effort to be 5.0L and Genesis Based. The last game changer to bow at the show is the New V8 Genesis Coupe “R“. Availabe in RSpec Only with a few convenienvce features added this is a true muscle car where the V6 was labeled and crowned king of the “hustle” cars. (V6 Based RWD Performance Coupes). Coming in a close second with 129 fewer hp and half of the new suspension tricks, the V6 coupe nearly bested Fords new 5.0 GT Mustang in every test of a 21 phase comparison.

New Tau 5.0L Genesis V* Sedan

Luxury Performance Redefined

Expected to retain its front-wheel drive layout, the Azera will slot between the Sonata and the Genesis. Although the Sonata recently converted to an all four-cylinder lineup, the Azera is expected to be offered with two V6s — a 3.8L developing 305 horsepower and a 260 horsepower 3.3L. Both mills will be backed by a six-speed automatic transmission.

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The year just ended was a sensational one for Hyundai, and the Korean automaker begins 2011 by introducing a sensational car.

Hyundai exceeded 500,000 unit sales in the U.S. in 2010 and established itself among the industry’s top seven sellers.

Equally important for the long-term future of the brand, it created, right out of the box, a premium luxury car in the Equus that is the equal of the Mercedes S-class and Lexus LS 600 in everything except profile and price. The former will grow in time; careful shoppers who don’t believe that luxury pleasure comes with price-tag pain should hope the latter never grows.

In the events surrounding its creation, the Equus has been widely compared with the Lexus and the Volkswagen Phaeton and appropriately so.

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